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Amy Gregg Jewelry

Despite being a Diplomacy and World Affairs Major at Occidental College, you would often find Amy Gregg soaking in art classes at Pasadena Art Center. It was during a semester of Fashion Illustration that Gregg decided to pursue jewelry as more than a hobby and passion she held since a child. Now in her third season, Amy Gregg continues to bring a sleek and understated elegance to the handcrafted jewelry market.

Following graduation in 2007, Amy had the opportunity to merge her business and design know-how while working for jewelry label, Irene Neuwirth. It was there she would become both inventory manager and stone buyer learning many sides of the business she too hoped to thrive in. Before long, her reputation made its way through the industry, and with urging from clients and friends, Gregg took the leap and began her own line.

Launched on Valentines Day 2013, Amy Gregg Jewelry is rooted in clean Scandinavian design principles. Pops of color are hallmarks of the collection which consists of 18k Gold and Peruvian opal, labradorite, rutilated quartz and other vibrant stones. The collection is well known for its simple yet classic style, geometric shapes and combination of silver and gold to provide timeless wearable art for women globally.

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