Queene and Belle

Queene and Belle is a luxury cashmere and clothing brand designed and owned by Angela Bell a specialist cashmere designer with over 25 years experience working in the Scottish cashmere industry. The company is based on her family farm near Bonchester Bridge in the Scottish Borders. Established in 2000 the brand is a combination of unique graphic cashmere and feminine vintage inspired women’s pieces, all lovingly made to the highest standards.

Luxury multi label boutiques have long since carried the brand and sold it alongside labels such as Dries Van Noten, Chloe, Golden Goose and Acne to name a few. All of the Queene and Belle knitwear is made in the world-renowned, cashmere manufacturing town of Hawick, and the brand is committed to its support of the local workforce there. They knit their sweaters from yarn produced by Scottish cashmere spinners. Wherever possible they like to use local suppliers, makers and talent to help them produce a truly sustainable and environmentally conscious product. 

Queene and Belle has over the years consulted for Harvey Nichols, London and Matches designing their private label knitwear collections and currently consult for Begg & Co, the luxury Scottish cashmere accessories brand. They have recently done a collaboration with the exceptionally talented Tanya Ling, a British artist/illustrator who has produced work for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Fendi. In Autumn 2017 they launched a collaboration with Bay Garnett, a four piece capsule of uber luxe re-defined contemporary classic sweaters which were launched exclusively at Matches Fashion in London.

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